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日月潭經典大飯店 Classic Group

  • 魚池尖步道


    Distant our location about 0.5公里, drive about 1分
  • The Paper Dome

    The paper dome was designed by an architect Shigeru Ban after the Takatori Church collapsed in the 1995 Osaka-Kobe Earthquake as a temporary site for a summit.

    Distant our location about 6.9公里, drive about 13分
  • Sun Moon Lake

    The Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area is praised for its five major recreational systems, including the lake, Shueili River, Puli, Jhuoshuei River, and Jiji. The surrounding areas stretch to cover known tourist spots including Taumi, Checheng, Jiji, Shueisheda Mountain, Sangyong Falls, Mingtan Reservoir, and Shueili River.

    Distant our location about 9.2公里, drive about 15分
  • Qingjing Farm

    Nowadays the Qingjing Farm follow the herbage rebirth of the seasonal changes in March, the garden turns green, the procreation of the cows and sheep.

    Distant our location about 52.1公里, drive about 1小時
  • Chingjing High-altitude Scenic Trail

    It is the longest and highest-altitude trail in Taiwan. Along the path are scenic platforms which provide visitors with birds-eye views of the Central Mountain Ridge, Qilai Mountain and more. Taking a stroll among the crown layer of the trees, visitors can also expect to look at the beautiful Qingjing area panoramically.

    Distant our location about 51.4公里, drive about 1小時
  • Xiangshan Visitor Center

    The Xiangshan Visitor Center is both for tourism and administration use. The uniquely designed building has wood-patterned exteriors and wings that stretch like human arms embracing the earth.

    Distant our location about 9.2公里, drive about 15分
  • Cishih Syuanji Temple

    Jhongming Village has Taiwan's only temple devoted to the worship of Kong-ming. To the right of the temple is a pavilion with a 36-feet-tall statue of Jhuge Kong-ming. It is reputed to be the tallest statue of Kong-ming in all of Asia.

    Distant our location about 2.5公里, drive about 5分
  • Chung Tai Chan Monastery

    Senior Master Weijue worked together with famous architect and layman CY Lee to integrate both Chinese and Western architectural styles within the essence of the Monastery.

    Distant our location about 18.3公里, drive about 29分