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Introduction to Shvatan

In Greek mythology, an owl is the incarnation of Athena, goddess of crafts.
In western culture, an owl is the guardian of the forest and god of knowledge.
In Mexico, an owl is the symbol of wealth.
In Samoan Islands, Southwestern Pacific, an owl represents wisdom and mysterious power.
(The locals believe they are descendants of owls)
In Ausrtalia, an owl is the guardian of female aborigines.
In Japan, an owl symbolizes fortune and everlasting youth.
For the Thaus in Taiwan, an owl is a sacred bird bringing good luck.
Our honorary trademark depicts the image of an owl as the symbol of fortune and blessing with simple lines powerfully, implicitly containing diverse connotation, including wisdom, wealth, fortune, and good luck. It guards each guest visiting Classic Group. All the guests are respectfully welcomed.

We are honored to welcome you to Classic Hotel.
  I would like to represent all the staff of Classic Hotel to show the most sincere and enthusiastic welcome.
  We truly hope you can be pleasant physically and mentally during your stay here.
  Classic Hotel provides high standard, friendly, and exquisite services so that each of your needs can be perfectly satisfied. The Hotel offers you convenient room service. At the moment you check in, whenever you press “9” at the phone gently, the enthusiastic service staff will solve your problems and difficulties you encounter during your stay. You can enjoy 24/7 one-press premium service, with comfortable deluxe rooms, delicious food in Chinese and western styles, novel and fashionable entertainment facilities, advanced and complete meeting equipment, and exquisite and well-designed consultant style meeting service. You will have excellent business space. The rooms are equipped with selected beddings and pillows. You will feel at home comfortably even when you stay at the Hotel. We believe we can provide more subtle and thoughtful services to leave you a wonderful impression during your stay.

  We sincerely hope you can leave your precious opinion if you have any suggestion regarding our service.
  Welcome again. Wish you have a pleasant and comfortable stay at Classic Hotel!
CEO of Classic Hotel, Sun Moon Lake